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November, 2015

Goodbye OSX – part #6: finetuning the trackpad settings using synaptics client (in my case: for macbook pro 15″ mid-2012)

Yesterday i did the first native tests (before that, i’ve been testing inside a parallels virtual machine). Surprisingly, both Elementary OS “Freya” as well as kali 2.0 seem to be working pretty well on my mid-2012 macbook pro out of the box. trackpad, graphics, wlan, screen + keyboard brightness, audio … all working out of […]

Goodbye OSX – part #3: migrating from 1password to Keepass / KeepassX

UPDATE 03/Jan/2016: 1Password 4.x for Windows is working nicely in WINE. The mac serial works for windows, too. – Perfect! Unfortunately, Agilebits (the creator of 1Password) are not offering a linux version of their password storage tool: 1password a couple of years ago, we have switched from KeePassX (OSX) to 1Password because of the better […]

Thunderbird / Icedove / Enigmail: Permanent PGP Emails entschlüsseln (und somit durchsuchbar machen)

Problem 1: Mails die PGP verschlüsselt via POP3 empfangen wurden, sind lokal nicht durchsuchbar. – Das ist suboptimal. Lösungsansatz: permanent lokal entschlüsseln. Mir persönlich reicht das, da ich mit PGP nur den Mailtransfer absichern möchte. Da ich nicht alle meine Emails auf meinem Server liegen haben möchte, nutze ich POP3 statt IMAP. Lokal auf meinem […]

Goodbye OSX – part #1 … Why are we leaving?

After having some great years with OSX since 2007 and iOS soon after that, it becomes time to say good bye. Why? – We’re experiencing more and more problems. In 2014, we got really mad about Apple’s ridiculous AppStore policies, claiming that our e-learning app was useless (as opposed to Flappybird!), just because it loaded […]