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August, 2017

Tesla links …

Tesla Referral link: get 1500km free Supercharging when ordering a Model S/3/X … Günstiger Stromtarif für zuhause (Ö/D): Model 3 Scheibenwischerblätter: Bosch Aerotwin A102s Typ 2 Kabel mit Button: Retrofits: Warning: stay away from “taptes” products. Googling the internet revealed they are tampering customer reviews. Their support is horrible, too. I […]

SSH port forwarding: local + remote

local port forwarding – on the source machine: ssh t1.t2.t3.t4 -p tport -L :: remote port forwarding – on the target machine: ssh s1.s2.s3.s4 -p aport -R : ssh s1.s2.s3.s4 -p aport -R ::

Golive realtime log analyzer on Debian $ wget $ tar -xzvf goaccess-1.2.tar.gz $ cd goaccess-1.2/ $ sudo apt-get install libncursesw5-dev libgeoip-dev $ ./configure –enable-utf8 –enable-geoip=legacy $ make # make install # vi /usr/local/etc/goaccess.conf # goaccess /var/log/apache2/other_vhosts_access.log -o /home/frank/www/ –real-time-html