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December, 2016

The new aluminium is BLACK

I would have loved to upgrade to a new macbook pro this year. Unfortunately, Apple made it quite unattractive (to say it in a very diplomatic way ^^). I have been working for years now on a MBP mid-2012 (previously early 2011), hires matte display, 16GB ram, 1TB flash drive. So in order to get […]

Running Apple OSX 10.12.2 macOS Sierra in VM VMware workstation player under GNU/Linux Elementary OS

1) Download OSX disk image for VMware: 2) Install VMware unlocker, see 3) Get VMware workstation and/or player 4) Create new VM, and replace the SATA disk with the image you have downloaded in step 1. please note: with vmware player 12 i did NOT have to add the smc.version = “0” […]

VMware Unlocker for running macOS / OS X under Linux and/or Windows

UPDATE 05/2017: when updating VMware workstation, the suspended/paused OSX VM seems to work fine but won’t boot up again (e.g. after updating to the latest OSX version which requires a reboot). I had to reinstall the unlocker and it’s working again … i’m still using unlocker v2.0.8 but on git there is a 2.0.9: […]

Migrating 1Password to KeePass, KeePassX database (including folders, attachments etc.) — Keepass2

On Windows: Download the plugin binary, copy into the plugins folder under c:\program files\keepas … then do import -> 1password .1pif … You will need to do this once per Tresor, in case you are using multiple. Please note that all folders and data will be transferred, however the file attachments will not be […]

GNU/Linux Elementary OS: my X11 synaptics settings for lenovo thinkpad t450s t450 t460s t460 X1 t470 t470s x250 x260 x270 (touchpad cursor accelleration like OSX)

1) make sure synaptics driver is used instead of libinput (see /var/log/Xorg.0.log and look for libinput and synaptics)

2) When synaptics is running, try these settings for osx-like accelleration:

Parameter explanation:

LENOVO Thinkpad – Find out display panel vendor manufacturer

AUO … people are claiming this is the best LGD … LG, medium (?) CMN … Innolux, people are claiming this is the worst (i had one for testing and i thought it’s not that bad, comparing with macbook pro 2012 hires matte… i haven’t had the chance for a side-by-side comparison yet though) […]

GNU/Linux: Using fingerprint reader on Lenovo Thinkpad t440s, t450s

1) find fingerprint sensor id (make sure it’s enabled in BIOS):

mine is:

2) install fingerprint packages:

3) run “Finerprint GUI” from applications

LENOVO Thinkpad t440s, t450s battery power charging settings, remap trackpad (mouse) buttons

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