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August, 2019

LinPhone VOIP client softphone: Importing SIP contacts from Google Contacts via commandline using PHP on GNU/Linux

The following command will add contact “Demo” to your linphone contact database using sqlite3: sqlite3 ~/.var/app/com.belledonnecommunications.linphone/data/linphone/friends.db “INSERT INTO friends (friend_list_id, sip_uri, subscribe_policy, send_subscribe, ref_key, vCard, vCard_etag, vCard_url, presence_received) VALUES (1, ‘’, 1, 0, NULL, ‘BEGIN:VCARD’ || char(10) || ‘VERSION:4.0’ || char(10) || ‘’ || char(10) || ‘FN:Demo’ || char(10) || ‘IMPP:sip:+4366412346567@’ || char(10) || ‘END:VCARD’, […]

‘Freeze Track’ script for Renoise 3.1.1

A couple of years ago (in 2014) i updated the “Freeze Track” script for Renoise to be working with newer versions and sent a copy to the original author. Unfortunately the author never uploaded the updated version to the scripting tool page and the renoise team didn’t accept my submission because i am not […]