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LinPhone VOIP client softphone: Importing SIP contacts from Google Contacts via commandline using PHP on GNU/Linux

The following command will add contact “Demo” to your linphone contact database using sqlite3:

Please note: ~/.var/app/com.belledonnecommunications.linphone/data/linphone/friends.db is the correct path for Linphone when installed using flatpak. You might need to adjust your path to ~/.local/linphone/ or ~/.config/linphone/ depending on how you’ve installed LinPhone, i.e. where LinPhone is storing its database.

Google Contacts export to CSV/VCF:
See details here.

You can export the whole Google Contacts list to .vcf or .csv and then use a small script to import your contacts into LinPhone. Be wanred, the following script is pretty ugly, yet it’s a start:

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