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Goodbye OSX – part #5: Fonts … again !?! (iceweasel readability)

EDIT: swapped distro from kali 2.0 to Elementary OS for aesthetics … see later blog posts

Nowadays, it’s all about browsing the web:

While i really like iceweasel, kali’s default fonts are not as balanced when compared to OSX. In my eyes the readability is not as good and might be improved by choosing better fonts.

Fortunately, this can easily be fixed and configured. – Here are my font settings for iceweasel, yielding to a way more readable web browsing experience:

For the moment, this solves my issue. In a long term i will want to allow websites to override fonts, however i will want to define font substitutions (i.e. finding similar fonts to widely used website fonts that are similar but more readable)

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