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WPA3: What we know …

Press Release: Press Release analysis: RFC8110: Opportunistic wireless encryption 802.11ax Task Group Timelines: WPA3 Hardware news: — What WPA is based on: gives a list (i have added links where available): –Harkins, D. and W. Kumari, “Opportunistic Wireless Encryption”, RFC 8110, March 2017 –IEEE 802.11-2016 –Harkins, […]

Linux toolchain test builds (e.g. gcc versions) This might be required for VMware workstation 12, 14, … If you see vmware suck at “Waiting for connection”, try running “sudo vmware” this did fix it for me and others. (Source:

Linux on LENOVO Thinkpad Carbon X1 2018 G6 Gen6 6th Gen (hiDPI changes, BIOS upgrade, Spectre/Meltdown, synaptics touchpad driver, wifi, etc.)

Login Screen: i don’t want the hidpi scaling here, because it’s getting to big, thus: sudo vi /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.desktop.interface.gschema.xml change


Touchpad / Trackpad I’m using the synaptics driver, same settings as with my T450s. I had to disable the Trackpoint in BIOS to make it work, please have a look on Arch Wiki […]

DNSleak test, VPN leak test: 23% of VPNs are leaking users’ IPs via WebRTC

Test your DNS lookups: Test your VPN connection: Full article: Advice from article: * Disable WebRTC * Disable JavaScript (or use NoScript) * Disable Canvas Rendering * Always set a DNS fallback for every connection/adapter * Always kill all your browsers istances before and after a VPN connection * Clear browser cache, […]

GNU/Linux Spectre and Meltdown checker Thinkpads need a BIOS upgrade, see: If it’s still vulnerably try:

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