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Linux Prozesse pausieren/fortfahren je nach produzierter Photovoltaik Sonnenenergie – Solar PV Controller KOSTAL PIKO 5.5

TL;DR Aktuell produzierte Watt von der PV Anlage (KOSTAL PIKO 5.5 Wechselrichter) auslesen und anhand der Werte Linux Prozesse steuern. Pause/Resume, bei GPGPU Servern ist der Wattverbrauch weitgehend frei steuerbar indem man die MHz Clock Speeds der GPU’s entsprechend anpasst. Langversion: Letztes Jahr (2015) hatte ich einen sehr ressourcenintensiven Serverprozess, der aber nicht rund um […]

History: Same same, but different. – My personal file manager history

I’m still happily using the split-view type of file managers very much. Both in GUI as well as in command line, spread on all kinds of systems from MS-DOS, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X … Here’s a small excourse of what i have been using over all those years since 1989 … ~1989 – […]

Goodbye OSX – part #8: Apple’s declining software quality

Seems like we’re not alone 😉 … Besides our own experiences, the feedback from our customers, more and more people around the world are increasingly talking about the continuously declining software quality: “Apple’s hardware today is amazing — it has never been better. But the software quality has fallen so much in the last few […]

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