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LENOVO Thinkpad X1 T450s X250: BIOS update with GNU/Linux – create bootable USB drive (create bootable USB drive with geteltorito)

GUI Alternativen:
“Laufwerke” von Linux -> (rechts oben im MenĂ¼) Laufwerksabbild Wiederherstellen und .img oder .iso aussuchen

WoeUSB – Create Bootable Windows USB Sticks from Linux


1. Download bootable “BIOS Update (bootable CD)” from Lenovo:|Drivers%20and%20Software&beta=false
BIOS for Thinkpad X250:
lsblk and see your
2. Get “geteltorito” from here:
3. Convert the .iso into an .img:
geteltorito -o jbuj63wd.img jbuj63wd.iso
4. lsblk to see your USB sticks drive #
5. sudo dd if=jbuj63wd.img of=/dev/sdX bs=8192
6. reboot with F12 and select your USB drive
7. Follow the instructions of the BIOS Update utility …

IMPORTANT Information for Thinkpad X260 and Carbon X1 Gen6 (2018):
In order to boot the BIOS update for X260 and later you need to enable the secure boot and UEFI options, otherwise the image won’t boot.

Alternative: Run windows VM and try this:

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