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Elementary OS: disable ecryptfs home folder encryption, or: manually mounting ecryptfs encrypted homedir (e.g. from backup)

UPDATE – Better, easier way taken from

1 .Backup the home directory while you are logged in sudo cp -rp /home/user /home/user.backup
1.1. Check that your home backup has everything!!!
2. reboot into single user mode via grub (shift during boot, edit, add “single” as a parameter. for details see
3. Delete your home directory rm -rf /home/user
4. Remove the packages apt-get remove ecryptfs-utils libecryptfs0
5. Restore your home directory mv /home/user.backup /home/user
6. Remove any of those .Private .ecryptfs folders rm -rf ~/.Private rm -rf ~/.ecryptfs
7. reboot

Worked for me.


Change to the directory /[backup-mountdir]/home/.ecryptfs/[yourusername]/.Private/


This might take several quite long! *) – Example output:

*) due to the script design of /usr/bin/ecryptfs-recover-private it does a:

you can replace/patch this into

and it will speed up the script startup time.

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