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Radu Motisan’s uRADMonitor (

Radu Motisan created a wonderful project for world-wide radiation and air pollution monitoring. See also:

Mounting Apple disk images (.dmg) in GNU/Linux

If this doesn’t work for you:

simply convert the .dmg into an .iso:

Software i’m using under GNU/Linux – Personal shortlist

Personal Shortlist: – Thunderbird (+ Calendar Addon) with TT DeepDark skin and Enigmail for Encryption – KeepNote … for taking notes – Chromium + Firefox … webbrowser – KeePassX … i like the UI more than KeePass2, and it’s open. A nice closed source alternative would be … (basically a cross platform 1password clone) […]

I’ve sold my mac. Really. – One month with GNU/Linux

In december 2016 i’ve purchased a Thinkpad t450s i7/FHD and maxx’d it out (1TB flash, 20GB ram) running GNU/Linux (Elementary OS). Both Windows and OSX are running inside VMware workstation, as i have to test and develop all kinds of websites on all platforms. – So i didn’t have to sacrify much compared to OSX […]

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