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Bash cron script for monitoring SMART health

Remmina & AnyDesk Remote Access (alternative zu TeamViewer)

While TeamViewer seems to be the best solution on the market, their licensing model is really, really bad in my opinion. It’s expensive and you are regularly forced into updates otherwise you cannot connect to newer clients anymore – i would be willing to pay for TeamViewer, but i think it’s quite overpriced for what […]

HUAWEI releases MateBook X

I LOVE my Thinkpads, they’re great. But … seems like i fell in love with the design of HUAWEI’s Matebook X … such a beautiful machine! I’m collecting some infos about MateBook X specs and Linux here. It’s a beautiful beast but (unfortunately) you have to expect some drawbacks like heat, short battery life and […]

Bash: preventing multiple concurrent executions

I’ve found all kinds of solutions achieving this, but this is the nicest solution i’ve seen so far:

found on … See also:

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