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gdb cheat sheet

This is just a small list i’ve collected for myself. Not meant to be complete … set disassembly-flavor intel …. obligatory life saver 😉 x/100bs $rsp ……. ASCII dump stack (byte-wise) x/100ws $rsp ……. ASCII dump stack (lower word-bytes only) x/80x $rsp ………. HEX dump stack x/80xb 0x7fffffffd880 ….. HEX dump memory address xxd from […]

LENOVO Thinkpad t450s: BIOS update with bootable USB drive (create bootable USB drive with geteltorito)

1. Download bootable “BIOS Update (bootable CD)” from Lenovo:|Drivers%20and%20Software&beta=false lsblk and see your 2. Get “geteltorito” from here: 3. Convert the .iso into an .img: geteltorito -o jbuj63wd.img jbuj63wd.iso 4. lsblk to see your USB sticks drive # 5. sudo dd if=jbuj63wd.img of=/dev/sdX 6. reboot with F12 and select your USB drive 7. […]

Elementary OS: disable ecryptfs home folder encryption, or: manually mounting ecryptfs encrypted homedir (e.g. from backup)

UPDATE – Better, easier way taken from 1 .Backup the home directory while you are logged in sudo cp -rp /home/user /home/user.backup 1.1. Check that your home backup has everything!!! 2. reboot into single user mode via grub (shift during boot, edit, add “single” as a parameter. for details see 3. Delete your […]

GNU/Linux: optimizing system settings for SSD disks

Usually every file read access also produces writes to the SSD, because the system updates the file atime (access time). For most systems you can safely turn it off, which will not only give a small speed increase but also prolong the lifetime of your SSD: sudo vi /etc/fstab # [file system] [mount point] [type] […]

GNU/Elementary OS: resize LUKS encrypted LVM volume (lvm inside luks)

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