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WPA3: What we know …

Press Release:

Press Release analysis:

RFC8110: Opportunistic wireless encryption

802.11ax Task Group Timelines:

WPA3 Hardware news:

What WPA is based on: gives a list (i have added links where available):
–Harkins, D. and W. Kumari, “Opportunistic Wireless Encryption”, RFC 8110, March 2017
–IEEE 802.11-2016
–Harkins, D., “The Dragonfly Key Exchange”, RFC 7664, November 2015
–US National Security Agency, ”NSA Suite B Cryptography”, January 2009
–Wi-Fi Alliance, “Device Provisioning Protocol Technical Specification” v0.2.8, December 2017
–Harkins, D. “The Public Key Exchange”, draft-harkins-pkex-05, January 2018
–Stejano, F, and A. Ross, “The Resurrecting Duckling”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 1796. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1999
–IEEE 802.11ai-2016, “Amendment 1: Fast Initial Link Setup”, 2016″

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