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HUAWEI releases MateBook X

UPDATE 08/2017: decided against purchasing MateBook X. Thinkpad X2xx series remains first choice due to battery life.

I LOVE Thinkpads, they’re great. But … visually i fell in love with the design of HUAWEI’s Matebook X … such a beautiful machine! I’m collecting some infos about MateBook X specs and Linux here. It’s a beautiful beast but (unfortunately) you have to expect some drawbacks like heat, short battery life and limited disk/ram options.

MacBook 12 side by side with MateBook X:

Liteon SSD part numbers:
liteon cb1-sd256
liteon cb1-sd512
see also: and

SSD is M.2 2242 user replaceable, however i couldnt find a single M.2 2242 PCI-E (!) SSD with 512GB or higher:

Matebook X and Linux (what works, what doesnt – linux kernel 4.12 or later required for WiFi):
WiFi is Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 (usually since 4.6 but its the Huaweis OEM modification, which is recognized since 4.12)

BIOS Keys:

OpenBSD on Matebook X:

Things you should know before purchase:
– People report the device gets HOT when being used AND charged at the same time
– Linux battery life 4-6 hours (comparable to MacBook 12″ … moderate load, like watching youtube in chrome and coding in vim, file watcher running in backgorund and compiling)
– The display seems to be quite glossy
– Warranty is only 1 year bring-in and i couldnt find an offer to extend that (as opposed to 1-3 years on Apple and 3-5 years on Thinkpads)

Reviews, Product videos:

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