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Goodbye OSX – part #7: My current Linux setup (Elementary OS) on Thinkpad t450s [updated 05/2017]

UPDATE 05/2017: i’ve sold my cMBP 2012 months ago in favour of a fancier Thinkpad t450s as well as a smaller x250 for on-the-roads, both are doing great with Elementary OS. – After 6 months of use i’ve refined the looks and feel of my setup and therefore i’ve added newer screenshots.

Overview over my current Linux setup.

Elementary OS Linux – it’s running surprisingly well out-of-the box with both macbook pro 2012 (non-retina) as well as Thinkpad t450s and x250, too.

Email: Thunderbird + Enigmail (PGP)
Browser: Chromium, Firefox
Music: Spotify
Chat/VOIP: Wire and Skype
VNC-Client: Remmina (connecting to a mac mini Server – for doing native Safari Browser-Tests)
IRC: weechat
Gimp (CLI: ImageMagick, e.g. mogrify)
Midnight Commander
Transmission (Light Torrent Client)
VLC Player
Qt Creator
KeePass / KeePassX / KeePassXC
Sublime Text
Vokoscreen (Screen recorder)

VirtualBox / VMware workstation / VMware OSX unlocker
– Windows XP, 8, 10, Server, …
– Kali Linux
– OSX 10.12.4 10.12.5

Outdated (MBP related):
Some scripts taken from


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