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Magento / PayPal IPN: what to do if paypal IPN occasionally isn’t working? – plan B

Occasionally, and with different kinds of webshop technologies it happens once in a while that the PayPal IPN (instant payment notification) doesn’t go through. Internet forums are filled with different reports about this phenomenon, too. – What happens? Basically a customer paid, payment went through, but the webshop doesn’t receive the IPN payment notification from PayPal. – That sucks!

So here is what i’ve come up with as our backup plan, or “plan B”:

a) observing the email box for paypal payment notifications. This part is one by a small bash script, first running fetchmail, then doing some grep/regexp to extract paypal emails and order numbers.
b) manually set the order to “paid” (if necessary) and enable the downloadable products the customer had paid for.


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