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Disable/remove my AdBlocker? – No way!

Just duckduckgo’d “difference t440 t440s” (referring to thinkpad t440 vs. thinkpad t440s) and the first result is this article from pcworld mag Immediately after the page has been loaded, i was prompted a “please disable your adblocker” message. The typical way me dealing with things like this is rightclicking the overlay and adding a “display:none” style, as they are typically displayed in front of the actual content. In this case, it’s working different. It’s really redirecting to another page, precisely:

So, dear pcworld mag. Here is the bad news for you: i will NOT disable my adblocker. Nor will i uninstall it. Sorry, dudes.

What i did:

1) open OSX Terminal (command line shell prompt)
2) wget
3) open index.html from my local harddisk with my webbrowser. Done !

Please don’t force users to disable their AdBlockers. Users have installed them for a good reason.

Thank You!

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