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Make bootable USB disk (or USB stick) on OSX


hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o linuxmint-14.1-cinnamon-dvd-32bit.dmg linuxmint-14.1-cinnamon-dvd-32bit.iso
diskutil list
sudo dd if=linuxmint-14.1-cinnamon-dvd-32bit.dmg of=/dev/rdisk8 bs=1m

If you get an error “device busy” go to disk util (GUI), select the partition on the USB drive and click “deactivate” …  after this it should be working …

1) Download the ISO image of the bootdisk (available are Win95, Win98, etc. ..)
You can get various ISO images here: or

2) Open the Disk Utility from OSX. Format the USB disk as FAT. Then: Don’t eject the USB disk, only deactivate it’s volume (right click on the USB stick’s volume name in disk utility)!

3) Go to the command line and apply the ISO to the USB drive:

a) run “diskutility list” and find the drive number of the USB stick ( e.g. /dev/disk4 )
b) run “sudo dd if=Win98noram_bootdisk.iso of=/dev/disk4 bs=1m”

the bs defines the block size and has to be 1m.  Make sure to use the correct /dev/disk<number> in your case and use the correct filename of your ISO bootdisk ….

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