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Qnap creating custom shares on external eSATA drive

When adding external eSATA drives to your qnap device, by default only one global share of the eSATA device is possible.  You may want to add multiple shares into subfolders on the external drive.  For this, simply edit /etc/smb.conf and change the path.

The problem is that the admin tool will always create a samba path relative to /share/MD0_DATA while you are aiming to create a share on /share/external/sdya1/ which has to be defined manually on the SSH console …


comment =

#path = /share/MD0_DATA/backup-frank-macpro
path = /share/external/sdya1/backup-frank-macpro
browsable = no
oplocks = yes
ftp write only = no
public = yes
invalid users = backup-webserver,guest
read list =
write list = admin,htdocs,frank,nonpublic
valid users = root,admin,htdocs,frank,nonpublic
inherit permissions = yes

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