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I’ve sold my mac. Really. – One month with GNU/Linux

In december 2016 i’ve purchased a Thinkpad t450s i7/FHD and maxx’d it out (1TB flash, 20GB ram) running GNU/Linux (Elementary OS). Both Windows and OSX are running inside VMware workstation, as i have to test and develop all kinds of websites on all platforms. – So i didn’t have to sacrify much compared to OSX + Parallels VMs.

At first i was quite insecure if this would really be working for me and kept my MacBook Pro, just for the case if i wanted to go back to OSX. – Guess what happened: I didn’t even want to touch my MacBook Pro anymore. 😉 I just LOVE that t450s. It’s such a great machine (except the speakers – they suck – lenovo, fix that please!) So… I’ve sold my Mac. After nine years of OSX. Got some good money for it. Almost fully paid the new laptop, with 5 years intl. warranty. 😉

So yes, i’m now professionally working on Linux. Full-time. And i’m loving it. Been preparing this for years. Yes, I’ve spend a considerable amount of time setting this up to be running perfectly. Just as i’ve spend quite some time to optimize my OSX setup. Especially getting the trackpad settings “just right” was a bitch, but the experience i have now is en par with OSX.

The only thing i regret was setting up ecryptfs, so i’ve dropped it later. The fulldisk LUKS is just perfectly fine. Was just stupid having ecrypfts PLUS luks.

So, that’s my first experiences after a few weeks actually working on it productive.


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